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Combustion Efficiency

Combustion Efficiency

Many Vapor Combustion Units in operation today are not efficient at burning VOCs, instead they rely on the heat of combustion to thermally oxidize excess emissions. While this process does eliminate enough VCOs to pass regulatory emission testing, in most cases, they do so only with the use of assist gas to help them maintain a high enough temperature. The less efficient the burner, the higher the required temperature for oxidation, the more assist gas is needed.

Lower your Assist Gas Requirements

Do you know how much assist gas your VCU uses?  Chances are it is thousands of dollars a month.  We have demonstrated and proven techniques to drastically reduce or eliminate assist gas to your VCU. Additionally, the process volume that was once used by the assist gas will now be available for processing VOCs.

Combustion Controls

Over the years we have designed and worked on a lot of burners. Through our experiences, engineering and modeling, we have developed our own proprietary way of controlling VCU's and thermal oxidizers. Our approach can be successfully implemented on almost all types of burners in operation today.

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