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System Assessment & Design

System Efficiency - Terminal Reviews

R. A. Nichols Engineering has been designing and troubleshooting vapor collection systems across many different industries for over 40 years.

Our Terminal Review will provide insight on your facilities entire vapor collection system. We review you system and determine if efficiency improvements could be made to increase capacity and save you operating costs. We also provide maintenance reviews and can assist in troubleshooting current operational issues.

R.A. Nichols Engineering can provide assistance in the design and/or troubleshooting of: 

  • New and Existing Loading Rack Collection & Process Systems
  • Drain-Dry Floating Roof Vapor  Collection Systems
  • Cone Roof Vapor Balance System
  • Expanding  Terminal Loading & Processing Capacity
  • Minor Vapor Collection and Coast Guard Certification
  • Tank Degassing and Roof Re-float Operations

We have experience in selecting and sizing the correct type of abatement technology that works best for the facility. We take into affect the entire life cycle of the equipment, including not only the upfront capital costs but also the operating and maintenance costs as well.    

If your existing facility is experiencing vapor processing difficulties or are designing a new terminal from scratch, give us a quick call to see what approach we might take and how it might benefit your system now and in the future.

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