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VRU Optimization

Vapor Recovery System Services

R. A. Nichols Engineering has been designing and troubleshooting Vapor Recovery Units or VRU’s since the 1970’s.  We have experience with both compression and activated carbon adsorption units.  If you are thinking about purchasing a new unit or having issues with your current unit, please give us a call.  Typically we can give you alternative options besides what the VRU OEM is recommending which can significantly improve short term, daily and year throughput to your terminal while improving the efficiency and reliability of your VRU.

VRUs are complicated pieces of equipment that have multiple interdependent systems that rely on one another for proper operation. Often, equipment failure can be caused by an upset of malfunction of secondary piece of equipment. Data acquisition and trending are crucial to identifying the root cause of mechanical failure and can be used to assist with preventative maintenance.

Let us help you develop these tools and show you how they can be used to identify mechanical issues with the equipment.

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